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Marketing Intern- Togethr.in | Togethr: An Educational Collaboration Network

Marketing Intern- Togethr.in

at SCP Technology Pvt. Ltd.   |   New Delhi   |   12/06/14   |   Marketing   |  Default Category

Skill Requirement- 1. Good knowledge of various social media platforms. 2. Good Communication Skill. 3. Interest in marketing research and marketing field. 4. Knowledge of various marketing model and analytical skill. Intern is required to do followings-1. Do an online market research of available learning management solutions in India and globally. 2. Visit various colleges in NCR and collect date through a questionnaire to do a market analysis of available LMS products. 3. Understand various pricing strategy. 4. Use various marketing models to understand market dynamics and strategy for a new entrant. 5. Prepare a comparison of Togethr.in with available LMS and social collaboration and social media products in the market. 6. Present finding of research with the help of graphs and charts and prepare a proper document of research finding.

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